Secret Emotional Hooks From Semalt That Help Our Web Contents Stand Out

Writing content that stands out goes beyond good spelling and punctuation. Thanks to the tools we have today, writing top-quality content is now easier, or is it? The question we all have on our minds is what can make an article more compelling. 

We live in a jet age where users want to move on quickly. Getting to keep a user on a page for 5 minutes is a great achievement. 

Over time, we've discovered that we must add certain emotions to our content to make them appealing. In this article, we will let you in on some ways we use emotions to make our content 10X better. 

Can Adding Emotions To A content Truly Make It Better?

Let's look at this topic objectively. When you're looking for something specific, the first thoughts that come to your mind aren't usually that thing itself. We think of several things that share a connection to what we're searching for while we search for it. 

Now we want you to hold unto that point, connection. 

As a business owner, your primary goal shouldn't be to sell your products and services. Instead, it would help if you looked to establish a connection between your brand and your target audience. Connection is important because it increases the chances of that consumer returning to patronize your services again. 

Have you ever been to a boring class? We have. And the one thing we can tell you is that we wished it would never happen again. that same logic applies to the content on your site. Nobody likes a dull read; when reading a web post, we want to see some images. Your readers want something that would be so significant that they smile when they're done reading your content. 

If your content is able to connect with your audience and create a trustworthy relationship with them, you significantly increase your ability to attract loyal followers. Adding emotions to your content is one of the easiest and most effective ways to connect with your audience. 

With emotions, you tell your audience that you Human-like they are. You show them that you're not only a source of information, services, or product. You create a relationship that solidifies your brand name on their minds and in their hearts. 

At the end of the day, your contents are more compelling and user-friendly. 

Ways We Use Emotional Hooks To Improve Your Content

The Power Of Storytelling 

One of the most effective ways to keep your audience engaged is to tell them stories. Not just any story, but good ones.

Why we love storytelling is that it is simple but effective. Everyone loves a story, so it catches the attention of your audience in no time. It also gets your readers to be emotionally invested in your content. 

The suspense in a story is perfect for your content. Everyone will be eager to know what happens next. It gets better when your readers can identify with the hero in your story. With stories, you can highlight the likable factors of your brand. This way, your audience is subconsciously made aware of these features without them thinking of it as a marketing scheme. 

Sometimes back, we were writing a new post for one of our oldest clients, and it was a story of how the business started. Back in those days, we were both taking a chance on ourselves. We didn't have as much experience, and neither did the business. It was paramount that the business succeeds, so we put our heart and soul into ensuring it did. 

Then, we would share our challenges and how we both overcame them; that friendship is still as strong as ever today. While writing her story, we saw a lot of us in it. When the executives over there read it, they were amazed at how far we've both come. 

That is why storytelling is essential. 

Leveraging The Fear Of Missing Out

Understanding the fear of missing out can be a powerful asset. Look at it this way; no one wants to be the person missing out on a juicy secret. It could be that you're reading this because you saw the word "secret" in the title. 

By creating a sense of anxiety or urgency in the minds of your audience, we stir up a reaction.

The fear of missing out is a tactic you can use in promoting a product. This method, however, is only for a limited time. Like limited editions, people will only pay attention to that product because it would lose its value the longer it stays available. 

Offering loyalty programs and exclusive memberships is another idea we use once in a while. Our sole focus is to make your brand so interesting that your audience will be on their toes to find out the latest. Since people worry about what they may be missing out on, they become more interested in your brand and products. 

Make Your Audience Feel Special

The "special feeling" goes a long way in influencing a lot of purchasing decisions. Cloths, gadgets, cars are mostly bought by consumers to feel unique, special, powerful, or superior. Harnessing this primal emotion is a great way to build a strong image for your brand. 

We can tap into this desire through your content. Our content writers will paint a specific picture of your brand and what it offers. We will make your products or services a bit exclusive, distinctive, and of high quality. 

Your current customers are represented as people your potential customers can identify with or initiate. We do this using evocative advertisements and customer spotlights. 

Of course, we do a lot of customer research to ensure we get it right. This is important because contents are subjective, so what reader A may find emotional may not pass the same message to reader B.

Create A Feeling Of Belonging 

Feeling accepted, liked, and important is something we all appreciate. Having content that transfers these emotions to your audience is critical. When your target audience comes across your content, they should feel like they belong. 

We can do this to your brand by creating content that presents your brand as a club or a lifestyle. 

Apple is a great example of this. Apple's marketing is centered around a major social and emotional component. Many people consider using apple products almost as a part of their identity. 

While your business may not have the same impact as Apple, it is possible to use this marketing strategy on a smaller scale. With proper marketing, you can create a strong brand image and nurture a sense of exclusivity around your products, making you stand out. 

Using Mystery

Leaving questions unanswered can be intriguing. This is one of the reasons why you have so many contents that have questions as to their titles. Seeing a question immediately makes you wonder what the answers could be. 

If you want to convert more traffic from SERP, try adding mystery to your content. Ask questions in your title and use the body of your content to answer the question. 

We try to identify content gaps in your industry at large. If we discover any long-lasting questions in your industry, we create content around them. And because people are interested in the unknown, they subconsciously race to read. 

Convince Your Audience That Your Content Helps Them Achieve Their Goal

Personal achievement goals and goals are highly emotional topics. Many people have desires, fears, feelings of self-worth, and many other emotions tied to achieving certain goals. One way to connect emotionally with your audience is to offer contents that help them achieve these goals. Provide ways for your audience to get what they want and watch how they fall in love with your brand. 

It is important that you find the right approach to doing this; we must conduct in-depth audience research. We use polls to speak to your clients one on one. 


Contents speak to people, not just search engine bots. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve the contents we produce here at Semalt. And we have realized that spicing up your content with emotional elements makes it perfect. 

Your audience wouldn't see only the brand but the personas behind that brand.